May 17 | River Clean Up Recap | Stay Involved

River CleanUp 2019 THIS YEAR WE PULLED OVER ___ POUNDS OF JUNK FROM THE RIVER! Last weekend, more than 200 volunteers spent a few hours in and around the water picking up other people’s trash. High water did not keep us from pulling out almost 12,000 pounds of debris, including; 100 barrels, 19 tires, a […]

May 10th | River Clean Up, Last Day to Sign Up

2019 River Clean Up LAST DAY TO PRE-REGISTER THE RIVER CLEAN UP IS TOMORROW! PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 5PM TONIGHT. Take a look around. Over the ridiculously long winter we had, trash has collected and compiled on the shorelines that surround us. Tomorrow, we pick it up. If you have already signed up, THANK YOU for donating […]

May 2nd | River Clean Up

2019 River Clean Up SATURDAY, MAY 11TH The water isn’t going to clean itself….someone’s gotta do it. Yes, the water is high, but it is receding day by day, AND we are expected to be under FLOOD STAGE  (12 feet) during the cleanup. So plan on getting dirty, and a little wet, on May 11th. Volunteers […]

March 25th | Spring Melt, River Clean Up, GROW Updates

The Soak it Up! Project TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT WHAT THE MELTING SNOW IS LEAVING BEHIND Some smokers don’t think twice about throwing a cigarette butt out the window. Or in this case, emptying their entire collection in the Valley View Mall parking lot. Used cigarette filters can take up to TEN YEARS to decompose. They are full […]

February 15th | Salt Use in the Winter

The Soak It Up! Project HOW MUCH SALT IS TOO MUCH ON DRIVEWAYS AND SIDEWALKS? Where does it end up when the snow melts? Eventually salt ends up in our rivers, lakes and streams—permanently We have a whole lot of snow in the La Crosse area this year, and with snow comes ice and slippery roads. Yes, we need to […]

November 19th | 77% Increase in Chloride in the Last 35 Years

The Soak It Up! Project CHLORIDE (ROAD SALT) IS A PERMANENT POLLUTANT Chloride is permanent pollutant; it does not degrade over time and cannot be feasibly removed from surface waters. Scary. Chloride is a permanent pollutant. PERMANENT! Winter is almost here! Before you grab salt or decider with chloride for your sidewalks, driveway, or parking lot—STOP! Salt does not degrade […]

October 12th | Misty’s Interview

The Soak It Up! Project INTERVIEW with MISTY LOWN OWNER of MISTY’S DANCE UNLIMITED Winner of the 2018 Soak It Up! Project Award Misty’s Dance Unlimited has created its own sustainable ecosystem. Virtually all runoff from the property is captured and filtered naturally, instead of flowing directly to street drains and our waterways. The business is setting an example, not only for […]

October 5th | Winner Announced

The Soak It Up! Project IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD YET, THE PUBLIC HAS SPOKEN. THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF THE SOAK IT UP! PROJECT AWARD IS… Misty’s Dance Unlimited Misty’s Dance Unlimited understands it’s going to take a little help from individual property owners to make our community more sustainable. Virtually NO runoff from this business property goes to […]

September 26th | Four Finalists Have Been Chosen

The Soak It Up! Project Award FOUR FINALISTS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AND THE PUBLIC WILL VOTE FOR THEIR FAVORITE PROJECT DURING THE 2018 OKTOBERFEST MAPLE LEAF PARADE.  Finalist #1: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse Two rain gardens with properly placed downspouts catch all roof runoff. Both of these gardens were researched, developed and constructed by members […]