July 12 Update | The Soak It Up! Project Award | All About Rain Barrels

The Soak It Up! Project INSTALL A SIMPLE RAIN BARREL July 12th Update Construct a rain barrel in 5 easy steps 1) Gather your tools and materials: 55 gallon barrel, Rain Barrel Diverter and Parts Kit ($30 at hardware store), hack saw, tape measure and drill. 2) Choose your location: select a level area you can easily access for […]

July 6th | The Soak It Up! Project Award | Nominations OPEN!

The Soak It Up! Project NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR THE SOAK IT UP! AWARD July 6th Update Water that flows into street drains IS NOT treated before it flows into our waterways! This water contains trash, debris, chemicals and pollutants, which ALL negatively affect our environment. IT TAKES A VILLAGE. We have all heard this saying related to […]

May 2018 | River Clean Up Collaboration, New Website & Award Program Launch

The Soak It Up! Project FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS PROTECTING LA CROSSE AREA WATERS Spring 2018 Debut Raise a Glass For Our Rivers May 12th The La Crosse Urban Stormwater Group is joining forces with River Clean Up, La Crosse. Together, we invite you to celebrate the success of the River Clean Up and learn about the launch of The Soak it Up!Project […]