Featured Properties 

Sprinkled throughout our communities are hidden gems of stormwater mitigation. This is our opportunity to call attention to local people who are making positive changes for better water quality in our region.

Summit Environmental School

By integrating environmental concepts throughout the curriculum students at Summit gain knowledge about conservation through a hands-on approach that is woven throughout the school property.

La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School

Staff and administrators take pride in using the school landscape as a teaching opportunity for kids, and in recent years have led an effort to integrate many runoff mitigation practices on school property.

Breidenbach Wellness Center

With Lake Onalaska right in their backyard, this local business gave attention to runoff management and exceeded local stormwater requirements.

Northern Hills Elementary

Motivated educators knew incorporating sustainability into daily lessons would have an impact. Today, hundreds of students receive hands-on learning about rain gardens, pollinators, and native plants.

Connect with us if your property is keeping polluted runoff out of our rivers, lakes, or streams.