Our collaborations involve groups of like-minded people, who are passionate about sharing ideas and resources in order to improve water quality. Working collectively, instead of individually, leads to more innovation, efficient processes, and increased success for runoff projects in our area, and across the state.

Habitat ReStore La Crosse

A joint effort to develop La Crosse’s first Stormwater Learning Site at the Habitat ReStore

GROW La Crosse

A partnership to bring a water-friendly, edible schoolyard to Hamilton & SOTA Elementary School

Wisconsin Salt Wise

An alliance aimed at accelerating local adoption of best practices in snow and ice control through peer-to-peer conversations with municipalities, school districts, and private contractors.

Wisconsin Stormwater Collaborative

A grassroots effort, supported by stakeholders throughout the state, to raise awareness about the number one source of water pollution in Wisconsin, stormwater runoff.

River Clean Up, La Crosse

A combined outreach effort to clean local waterways and combat surface water pollution from Pools 7 & 8 of the Upper Mississippi River.

We are always seeking new opportunities to collaborate for the betterment of soil & water health. Connect with us