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WIsconsin stormwater collaborative

a statewide effort to raise awareness about runoff pollution

Watershed conservation groups across Wisconsin advocated tirelessly to dedicate one week out of the year to stormwater and runoff pollution awareness. Thanks to their efforts, the first official Wisconsin Stormwater Awareness Week occurred August of 2023. In partnership with 91 other municipalities and conservation groups, La Crosse Area Waters created a proclamation pledging commitment to waterway health. As part of this commitment, we advocated and educated across social media platforms on five different topics over the course of the week.  


Stormwater 101: Stormwater refers to the water that originates from precipitation events such as rain or snowmelt. When it falls on impervious surfaces like rooftops, roads, and sidewalks, it cannot soak into the ground and instead becomes stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff flows over these hard surfaces, eventually finding its way into drainage systems, streams, rivers, and lakes. Essentially, stormwater runoff is the excess water that does not get absorbed into the soil. 

Rain Collection 101: The best way to prevent stormwater from picking up pollutants and carrying it to local waterways is to prevent it from leaving in the first place! Learn about ways to properly slow the flow. 

Lawn Care 101: All about eco-friendly landscaping practices you can do at home.  

Leaves 101: Trees are a good thing! However, leaves sitting on sidewalks and roadways can have unintended consequences. Learn how excess nutrients from leaves make their way to our shared waterways. 

Only Rain Down the Drain 101: Did you know that storm drains pour directly into our rivers and lakes, untreated? This is why it is important to prevent pollution from reaching our sidewalks, driveways, streets, and parking lots.