October 12th | Misty’s Interview

The Soak It Up! Project INTERVIEW with MISTY LOWN OWNER of MISTY’S DANCE UNLIMITED Winner of the 2018 Soak It Up! Project Award Misty’s Dance Unlimited has created its own sustainable ecosystem. Virtually all runoff from the property is captured and filtered naturally, instead of flowing directly to street drains and our waterways. The business is setting an example, not only for […]

October 5th | Winner Announced

The Soak It Up! Project IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD YET, THE PUBLIC HAS SPOKEN. THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF THE SOAK IT UP! PROJECT AWARD IS… Misty’s Dance Unlimited Misty’s Dance Unlimited understands it’s going to take a little help from individual property owners to make our community more sustainable. Virtually NO runoff from this business property goes to […]

September 26th | Four Finalists Have Been Chosen

The Soak It Up! Project Award FOUR FINALISTS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AND THE PUBLIC WILL VOTE FOR THEIR FAVORITE PROJECT DURING THE 2018 OKTOBERFEST MAPLE LEAF PARADE.  Finalist #1: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse Two rain gardens with properly placed downspouts catch all roof runoff. Both of these gardens were researched, developed and constructed by members […]

September 21st | Last Chance To Nominate | Misty’s Dance

The Soak It Up! Project Award THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO NOMINATE A HOME, SMALL BUSINESS, CHURCH OR ORGANIZATION. FOUR FINALIST WILL BE CHOSEN MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH. FEATURED NOMINATION: MISTY’S DANCE STUDIO “I am honored that our project would be nominated! I live on Lake Onalaska, so I am keenly aware of how important it is to […]

September 17th | Last Week For Nominations

The Soak It Up! Project THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK TO NOMINATE A HOME, BUSINESS, CHURCH OR ORGANIZATION FOR THE SOAK IT UP AWARD! Water pollution from stormwater runoff is real. It is not fake news. We need to acknowledge the people in our community who are taking water pollution seriously and doing something about it. The La […]

September 12th | Looking For Nominations And Volunteers

The Soak It Up! Project THERE IS STILL TIME TO NOMINATE A LANDSCAPE PROJECT  September 12th What did you do this summer? Like most of us, you probably spent some quality time at the lake or on the river. You were able to enjoy the outdoors and catch up with old friends. And maybe you completed an […]

August 31st | Featured Nomination: Nelson Road And Jostad Creek, Holmen

The Soak It Up! Project FEATURED STORMWATER AWARD NOMINEE: Nelson Road and Jostad Creek in Holmen August 31st Top Left: creek before construction, showing visible washouts and erosion. The three remaining photos are after completion. STORMWATER PROJECTS AT HOME When April saw chunks of land literally falling into the creek surrounding her property after every heavy rainfall, she knew […]

August 23rd | Show Us Your Stormwater Project

The Soak It Up! Project LOCAL PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN ON STORMWATER PROJECTS. SO SHOULD YOU. August 24th CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN STORMWATER PROJECT Did you know La Crosse County has stormwater construction standards? They specify the minimum requirements needed during any new construction, all aimed at preserving the land and water resources. Newer homes have some great examples of stormwater projects. […]

August 13th | Rain Gardens | Habitat ReStore In Full Bloom

The Soak It Up! Project Rain Gardens | Sustainable and Beautiful August 13th Update Rain gardens at the Habit ReStore are in full bloom. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE RAIN GARDENS AT THE HABITAT RESTORE….YOU ARE MISSING OUT! In 2016, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore was completely transformed to be the “poster child” for proper ways to […]

July 20th | Non-Point Pollution

The Soak It Up! Project WHAT IS NONPOINT-SOURCE POLLUTION? July 20th Update Raw sewage floating on the Mississippi near the Twin Cities in the 1930s. POINT-SOURCE POLLUTION vs. NONPOINT-SOURCE POLLUTION: Point-source pollution is simple. It’s any pollution that is discharged from a pin pointed source, such as pipe, a ditch or a smokestack. We know where the pollutant is coming […]