Native Plants

Native Plants

Plants thrive in their native regions because they have adapted to the specific soil and weather conditions. Native plants have deep, wide spreading root systems that make them perfect for low maintenance green spaces and rain gardens.

These roots soak up and filter water before it enters into storm systems and aquafers, reducing the risk of flooding and helping to ensure we have safe, clean drinking water. Not to mention, they are incredibly beautiful!

Did you know established native plants prevent mass infestations of non-native species, such as Giant Knotweed, Scotch Broom, or Water Chestnut? Without native plants, these invasive species would reak havock in the food chain and biodiversity of the area.

Did you know thousands of important creatures rely on native plants for food and shelter? These native creatures pollinate plant species, enrich the soil, and balance our ecosystem.

Great for pollinators and with roots that go down 10-15 ft., amazing for rain gardens!
Showy Goldenrod

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