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Education for winter maintenance professionals on best practices for snow and ice removal

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WI Salt Wise is a coalition of organizations from across Wisconsin working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water. Their primary goals are to: educate residents, leaders and winter maintenance professionals on salt pollution and solutions, provide training and promote best practices to reduce salt pollution and recognize contractors committed to using the right amount of salt for conditions. 

La Crosse Area Waters participates in Salt Awareness Week, sharing content curated by WI Salt Wise and promoting informational sessions that they host to engage the community in this pollution reduction effort. In addition, we work together to organize workshops for more hands-on educational experiences that help conceptualize salt pollution.  

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Wisconsin Salt Wise and La Crosse Area Waters teamed up to host a winter best management practice open house! It was a huge success, with over 8 different organizations and businesses attending. Allison Madison, program coordinator for Wisconsin Salt Wise, touched on many important topics concerning winter safety. Not only did we discuss reducing salt usage, alternatives, and reducing costs associated with equipment, but the conversation also focused on the benefits of using brine instead of salt.

The third week of January is Salt Awareness Week. During this time, professionals from all over the state take time out of their schedules to give talks on the importance of reducing salt pollution through education and individual action.

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