Native Plants

Tundra swans | Spring migration, Mississippi River Pool 8, Robert J. Hurt Landscape Photography

Plants thrive in their native regions because they’ve acclimated to soil and weather conditions. Wisconsin’s native plants add interest to our landscape and support more insect species than non-native species. Well-established native plantings can prevent mass infestations of non-native species and generally require less maintenance. In La Crosse County, native plantings seldom need watering because deep root systems sustain them.

Some plants native to western Wisconsin are: jack-in-the-pulpit, coneflower, cardinal flower, prairie cordgrass, ostrich fern, rushes, sedges, dogwoods, turtlehead, aster and iris. Stay away from plants that are too tall, and be careful with grasses that don’t like to “get they’re feet wet.” Plant plants close together; one per square foot. Learn more about Wisconsin’s native plants here.