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We advocate for and educate citizens about local projects that reduce runoff pollution and preserve the health and beauty of waterways.

Nominations Are Open!

Each year, we celebrate individuals and organizations who are preventing polluted stormwater from running off into our lakes, rivers, and streams by using natural solutions in their own backyards.

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Each year we honor those in our community who have cultivated their property to improve how stormwater runoff is directed, captured and absorbed. This annual award celebrates those going above and beyond for the health of our community. Get details on past award winners who are soaking up rain and melting snow, and keeping polluted runoff out of waterways.

Featured Properties

Our featured properties introduce you to other local people who are re-shaping their landscape with water in mind. Learn how area businesses, schools, and organizations are taking their runoff seriously, and turning their properties into successes.


Locally led groups are driving change where they live through collaborative partnerships. The La Crosse area is fortunate to have a multitude of organizations and community leaders who are pursuing similar, sustainable goals. See how combining resources and expertise allows projects to have a greater impact.


Dive into resources and educate yourself on what stormwater runoff is, why it’s bad, and what can be done about it. Get details on how polluted runoff negatively affects the rivers, lakes, and streams that surround us. Learn about how local municipaliites are managing stormwater runoff and find ways to manage runoff where you live.