Soak it Up! Award 2020

2020 marks year three for The Soak it Up! Award, showcasing people who are becoming part of the solution to protect local waters.

For this award, citizens nominate properties that are landscaped with water in mind—their own or someone else’s. Nominated projects reduce polluted runoff to local waterways, beautify neighborhoods, show neighbors how projects are done, and inspire more local work. They also bring the resources and imagination of property owners to the ongoing work of local governments. Together we are tackling the largest water pollution challenge in our region.

In 2018, we honored Misty’s Dance Unlimited. In 2019, we honored Roush Rentals for work at Waterview Apartments. Both sites eliminate virtually all runoff, and are just two of many properties in our area where landowners are tackling runoff pollution to improve waterways.

Any local resident, group, or business that has done the work and invested in water-friendly landscaping can be nominated for the Soak it Up! Award. Below are examples of places in our community where water-friendly landscaping projects have been completed. Do you know others? It is not too early to NOMINATE YOURSELF OR A NEIGHBOR FOR THE 2020 SOAK IT UP! AWARD. Do it today!