Stormwater Learning Site

Our first Soak It Up! project was a partnership with the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in La Crosse. Together, we created a “poster child” for proper stormwater management. Now you can visit the ReStore to see how to reduce stormwater runoff on your own property. Look for a huge rain barrel, five types of pervious pavement, regrading to eliminate direct flow to a stream, four rain gardens, a naturally self-irrigating hugelkultur mound garden, more than 700 native plants, integrated food, and places for people. Learn from beautiful signs designed by Viterbo University students. All of these ideas can become part of your action plan at home or work.

To all involved in that project, thank you! Thank you for making our local community aware of stormwater pollution. Thank you for educating about its effects. And thank you for giving neighbors a tangible place to see how easy it is to make a difference at home and at work.

Before and After

Project Partners