Future Projects, Plans & Ideas

La Crosse River | Behind Gundersen Lutheran Onalaska Clinic

We always think big picture when it comes to stormwater management. This isn’t a change that is going to happen overnight, but the more people who become educated about stormwater runoff, the bigger impact we can have as a community. Some things that aren’t official, but we’d love to make happen are:

  • Stormwater Demonstration Exhibit | A hands-on display for local events that shows you what runoff is, why it’s bad, and what you can do about it
  • Rain Barrel Art | A chance for artists in our community to show off their skills by turning a regular old barrel into a work of art
  • Educational Signs for Existing Stormwater Infrastructure | Work with property owners to install permanent outdoor signage where exemplary stormwater infrastructure has already been constructed
  • Develop New Demonstration Projects & Learning Sites | Manage and complete construction while engage and inspiring our community

Do you have an idea about how to better manage stormwater in the La Crosse area? Can you think of a project, big or small, that we can take on to educate and inspire our community to do better? Do you know businesses, foundations or individuals who want to fund these things or volunteer? We want to hear from you. No idea is a bad idea. Let us know what you are thinking.  Click Here