Featured Property of 2021

Breidenbach Wellness Center

When they first stepped onto the land where they now live and work, Ben and Amy Breidenbach were captured by views of Brice Prairie, Halfway Creek Marsh and Lake Onalaska. The site at the corner of Highways OT and 35 in Onalaska was a dream come true, with space for both their business and the home of their dreams.

Amy and Ben kept that big picture in mind when they set out to realize their dreams and develop the property. “My family loves to hunt, fish and ski on the river,” said Amy Breidenbach. “So protecting the waterways we enjoy so much seems like a no-brainer.”

As a result the Breidenbachs, who own Breidenbach Wellness Center, gave attention to runoff management when they developed the property, working with Makepeace Engineering to meet and exceed local stormwater permitting criteria. Soil was shaped into berms and basins to absorb water from the parking lot and roofs, and native ecosystems were reestablished in those areas and around the buildings.

Almost all runoff from this property is now absorbed on site and the pollutants it picks up are filtered out, protecting the Mississippi River floodplain and local groundwater.

La Crosse Area Waters recognized Breidenbach Wellness Center as its Featured Property of 2021, to spotlight the Breidenbach’s work and investment and inspire other landowners to learn and construct water-friendly landscaping.

“We hope business owners take into consideration the runoff and how it affects the entire community and ecosystems surrounding us,” said Amy Breidenbach.

Visit the Breidenbach Wellness Center property to see first-hand how water friendly landscaping looks, works and improves property value.