2019 Soak it Up! Project Award

Holland Town Hall | Holmen, WI

2019 marks the second year of The Soak it Up Project! Award. Citizens are invited to nominate themselves or another property owner who landscape with water in mind. We want to showcase those who are becoming part of the solution to keep polluted runoff out of the waterways that surround us. These projects reduce polluted runoff to local waterways, beautify neighborhoods, show neighbors how projects are done and inspire more local work. Voluntary projects also add the resources and imagination of citizens to ongoing, planful work done by local governments so we can tackle the largest water pollution challenge in our region.

In 2018, Misty’s Dance Unlimited was selected as the first recipient of The Soak it Up! Project Award.  The property produces virtually zero runoff. Misty’s is just one of many properties in our area who are becoming part of the solution, and reducing runoff pollution to better our waterways.

Nominate someone today for the 2019 Soak it Up! Project Award