January 2020 | Winter is Still Here. What Can You Do?

Reduce Winter Water Pollution Melting snow and ice from your property ends up at some point in a river, lake, or groundwater we drink. Meltwater carries sand, salt and junk, and salt is a permanent pollutant. Think! And make simple, important changes now.  It takes a village.

December 2019 | Leaders in our Community

It Takes A Village Making our neighborhoods water friendly isn’t necessarily easy, but surrounding ourselves with good people who choose sustainability in their own day to day work makes a big difference. The La Crosse area is filled with everyday leaders who value local waterways and go above and beyond to do what’s needed to make them healthier. Roush Rentals, […]

October 2019 | Winner Announce, Roush Rentals

All stormwater runoff from the new Waterview Apartments development in south La Crosse flows naturally to the Mississippi River. So from the beginning, developer Nick Roush intended to exceed requirements for reducing suspended solids in the runoff, to protect the river. Roush Rentals is our 2019 Soak It Up! Award winner. He and his group met their […]

September 2019 | Finalist Chosen

Roush Rentals’ Waterview Apartments development is just north of Goose Island on Mississippi River backwaters. To keep polluted runoff out of the river, Nick Roush and his team developed a landscaping plan including DOZENS of rain gardens lined with recycled cardboard and planted with hundreds of native or edible water loving plants. Every gutter on […]

September 2019 | Last Week To Nominate

The Soak it Up! Award THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO NOMINATE SOMEONE for the 2019 Soak it Up! Award. All citizens are invited to nominate a home, business or nonprofit landscaping project that reduces the negative effects of stormwater runoff. You can nominate your own, a friend’s, or a place you just admire. This […]

September 2019 | Featured Nomination: Rouch Rentals, Waterview Apartments

There are only a couple weeks left to nominate a local property for the 2019 Soak it Up! Award. Any property that has completed a landscaping project that reduces runoff, can be nominated. Photos below show another great nomination, Roush Rentals, Waterview Apartments. Nick Roush, President of Roush Rentals, knew the needs at Waterview were very important […]

August 2019 | Featured Nomination, Gordy & Barb Roberts

The Soak it Up! Award Local home and business owners who reduce runoff pollution are NOW being nominated for the 2019 Soak it Up! Award. Photos below show the latest nomination, a rain garden installation at the home of Gordy and Barb Roberts in La Crosse. The rain garden was installed to reduce runoff from their backyard to Pammel […]

August 2019 | LUSG Project Updates

La Crosse Urban Stormwater Group’s Soak it Up! Award honors people in our community who change the way they landscape to soak up stormwater and reduce pollution. Misty’s Dance Unlimited, our 2018 Soak it Up! Award winner, shows what can be done on a small business property to protect our waters. We know more business and home property owners have […]

June 7 | 2018 Award Winner, Misty’s Dance Unlimited

The Soak it Up! Award CONGRATS TO OUR 2018 WINNER | MISTY’S DANCE UNLIMITED In 2018, Misty’s Dance Unlimited was honored as the very first recipient of The Soak it Up! Award. Yesterday we recognized their commitment to protecting local waters. The property produces virtually zero runoff.  Which means virtually zero runoff pollution! Water falling on their roof and parking lot flows […]