September 2019 | Finalist Chosen

Roush Rentals’ Waterview Apartments development is just north of Goose Island on Mississippi River backwaters. To keep polluted runoff out of the river, Nick Roush and his team developed a landscaping plan including DOZENS of rain gardens lined with recycled cardboard and planted with hundreds of native or edible water loving plants. Every gutter on the property points to one of these basins, where water soaks in and pollution filters out. Rain that hits the parking lot flows through break rock and engineered soil, to be cleaned before reaching the river.

“I love situations where everyone involved wins. We try to use good materials and design our landscaping so we’ll have a product that will last a very long time, be kind to the environment around us, and be a great long term investment for our community. We approach every project we’ve built this way and fully intend to keep it up!” ~ Nick Roush, President, Roush Rentals

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Gordy & Barb Roberts, La Crosse homeowners, have a beautiful property bordering Pammel Creek, the main stormwater channel for a large part of La Crosse’s south side. The Roberts needed a garage addition, and preventative runoff measures to protect the creek were part of their building permit. With help from a local engineer and landscaper, the Roberts directed water to a large rain garden, where an engineered mix of sand, topsoil and mulch and dozens of deep rooted native plants soak it up. The Roberts completed this project in July this year, and now love sharing the importance of rain gardens and preventing runoff pollution with their grandchildren.

“It is amazing to see runoff drain into the rain garden and fill, right before our eyes. Then, within 12 hours that pool of water goes down, cleansed by the earth. The pooled water has never come close to the creek.” ~ Gordy & Barb Roberts
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Congratulations to our two finalists. Their initiative, creativity, investment and enthusiasm are making our community a better place to live.

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