September 2019 | Featured Nomination: Rouch Rentals, Waterview Apartments

There are only a couple weeks left to nominate a local property for the 2019 Soak it Up! Award. Any property that has completed a landscaping project that reduces runoff, can be nominated.

Photos below show another great nomination, Roush Rentals, Waterview Apartments. Nick Roush, President of Roush Rentals, knew the needs at Waterview were very important because the property sits less than 100 feet from the Mississippi River, and stormwater runs almost directly into it. From the start, the intent was to not only make the site beautiful and inviting for residents, but also to exceed EPA requirements. Waterview Apartments has gone above and beyond, making extremely sustainable property that will be a great long term investment for our community.

“I was really excited when I first got the call our project was being nominated.  I hope that what we’ve done, in going above and beyond the requirements can be a great example for others to build environmentally friendly sites.” ~Nick Roush