August 2019 | LUSG Project Updates

La Crosse Urban Stormwater Group’s Soak it Up! Award honors people in our community who change the way they landscape to soak up stormwater and reduce pollution.

Misty’s Dance Unlimited, our 2018 Soak it Up! Award winner, shows what can be done on a small business property to protect our waters. We know more business and home property owners have done the same, and we want to recognize their good work.


Other Projects in the Works….

La Crosse

After collaborating with GROW La Crosse, construction of a sustainable, water friendly, edible schoolyard is underway at Hamilton Elementary in La Crosse.


Educational signage is being placed in a rain garden at Northern Hills Elementary. Students played a crucial role in the design and installation of these rain gardens.

La Crescent

The City of La Crescent is now a member of the La Crosse Urban Stormwater Group, sharing the goal of making our watershed a better place to live.

Do you recognize these places?

They’re in our community, and they all show what your neighbors are doing to protect our local waters.

What will you do?

How will you help?