May 2nd | River Clean Up

2019 River Clean Up


The water isn’t going to clean itself….someone’s gotta do it.

Yes, the water is high, but it is receding day by day, AND we are expected to be under FLOOD STAGE  (12 feet) during the cleanup. So plan on getting dirty, and a little wet, on May 11th. Volunteers will be sent out on the water, along the shorelines, and even to surrounding neighborhoods to pick up trash and debris. All it takes is a little wind or rain for garbage in the streets to end up in the waterways.
Wondering what to expect as a volunteer? Click here to get more information on what happens the day of the cleanup.
A very big shout out to the Outdoor Recreation Alliance. Because of them, the River Clean Up is able to operate as a non-profit. ORA Trails not only protects the majestic trails within the Driftless region, they now  protect the waterways as well.