May 2018 | River Clean Up, Challenge To Stay Involved Through ReNew & The Soak It Up! Project Award

The Soak It Up! Project


May 2018

Cheers to a Successful 2018 Clean Up!

The 2018 River Clean Up was a huge success! 240 committed volunteers braved high water to pull over 15,000 pounds of trash, debris, barrels, tires and appliances from our local waterways—record numbers on both counts!

2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the River Clean Up, so we celebrated. Pearl Street Brewery hosted volunteers and their families for a fun filled evening. Local musicians played while people enjoyed amazing barbeque and viewed educational displays set up by local conservation agencies. We had a coloring station, face painting and a stream table for kids.

THANK YOU to all who volunteered and donated to the River Clean Up. Without the compassion and drive of everyone involved, none of this would have been possible. We are surrounded by such beauty. It is up to us to make our local waterways and communities better places to live, work and play.

To see photos of our hard work, and for more information on River Clean Up, La Crosse, please visit

A majority of the smaller pieces of trash found in local waterways, comes from storm drains.

The River Clean Up is over. Now what?

Picking up stuff we find in and around the water makes a difference. But did you know that what you do on your own property makes an even bigger difference in the condition of our local waterways?

When it rains, or when snow melts, water from your roof, driveway (and parking lot, if you have one) flows to storm drains. From there it flows directly to rivers, lakes and streams in our area. NONE OF THIS WATER IS TREATED OR FILTERED! This water picks up bottles, cigarette butts, fast food wrappers and other debris along the way. It picks up chemicals and pollutants that come from washing your car, fertilizing your lawn or spilling oil or gas. This water, NONE OF WHICH IS TREATED OR FILTERED, harms fish and wildlife habitat, pollutes the water we swim and fish in, and can even affect our drinking water. This water is called stormwater runoff.

Want to continue to make a difference in the health of our local waterways? Check out The Soak it Up! Project Learn what stormwater runoff is, why it’s bad, and what you can do about it. Become part of the solution!

Make an immediate impact in the health of our local waterways! Check out The Soak It Up!Project Award. By constructing a stormwater project on your own land, you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you could be awarded and receive prizes.

Water that runs from roofs and driveways, flows down storm drains and eventually into our rivers, lakes and streams.
Stormwater that reaches a street drain is not filtered or treated. Along the way it picks up trash, debris and chemicals.
Learn more about The Soak It Up! Project Award
One of our partners, ReNew La Crosse, is looking for residents in the Lower Northside Depot District who need help on their home. Volunteers are standing by to help you with repairs, painting and yard work. To apply visit ReNew La Crosse