July 6th | The Soak It Up! Project Award | Nominations OPEN!

The Soak It Up! Project


July 6th Update

Water that flows into street drains IS NOT treated before it flows into our waterways! This water contains trash, debris, chemicals and pollutants, which ALL negatively affect our environment.


We have all heard this saying related to raising children. It’s true! It can also be related to the health and condition of our local rivers, lakes and streams.

By making a communal effort we can improve the condition of our waterways, to ensure thriving fish and wildlife habitats and keep them safe for people. By picking up trash alongside the road we can make a difference. By refusing plastic bags, cups, bottles and straws we can make a difference. By reducing runoff, so stormwater soaks in at home and small businesses, we can make a difference.

Do you know someone who’s already done a project to reduce runoff at home or work? Nominate them for The Soak It Up! Project Award. You can even nominate yourself! All finalists and the overall winner will receive some great local prizes! Anyone who has taken the initiative to reduce runoff from their property deserves some recognition.

It takes a village.

Start small. Install a single rain barrell to catch runoff from your downspout.
With a couple of friends, a basic rain garden could be constructed in a day.
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Become part of the solution. It takes a village.