July 12 Update | The Soak It Up! Project Award | All About Rain Barrels

The Soak It Up! Project


July 12th Update

Construct a rain barrel in 5 easy steps

1) Gather your tools and materials: 55 gallon barrel, Rain Barrel Diverter and Parts Kit ($30 at hardware store), hack saw, tape measure and drill.
2) Choose your location: select a level area you can easily access for water harvesting. Elevating your barrell off the ground will provide more water pressure out of the faucet (1’ = 1/2 psi) and make it easier to use water from the barrel.
3) Mark and cut your downspout, and install diverter.
4) Mark and drill your barrel, then install drain spigot.
5) Use it to water your garden and for play and projects.
A rain barrel is simple project that captures stormwater runoff from your roof.