August 31st | Featured Nomination: Nelson Road And Jostad Creek, Holmen

The Soak It Up! Project

Nelson Road and Jostad Creek in Holmen

August 31st
Top Left: creek before construction, showing visible washouts and erosion. The three remaining photos are after completion.


When April saw chunks of land literally falling into the creek surrounding her property after every heavy rainfall, she knew something needed to be done.

“I knew I had to slow the water down somehow. I built trenches directing the water in a specific direction, then put in dry rock beds to help slow water entering the creek. I also planted perennials along the creek, hoping they will soak up some of the runoff. It was a great feeling to get the issue under control, and the creek bank looks beautiful!”

By controlling runoff from her land, April is controlling the amount of sediment that moves into Jostad Creek. Sediment can destroy stream habitat. It can clog fish gills. It can make swimmers sick. And it can disrupt the natural food chain, causing massive declines in fish populations.

By controlling runoff from her land, April is helping to preserve Jostad Creek. If you or your neighbor have taken on a similar project to control runoff, we want to hear about it! Nominate yourself or someone else for the Soak it Up! Project Award by September 23rd.